Reunion Weekend is about Reconnecting

Old OHS Forever. The alma mater was chosen as the theme for our 2010 gathering because it serves to connect Orrville Alumni throughout the decades. It is timeless and endearing to all who walked the halls of OHS.

We’ll always think of you. Reconnecting with Orrville High, the people and the community that were part of your high school years is what the Orrville Alumni Reunion Weekend is all about.

And the spirit that you found here
The lessons learned in the classrooms, on the athletic fields and yes, in the hallways, on the school buses and in the parking lots of OHS, established the foundation upon which we built our lives.

Growing up so strong and true
Never doubt the quality of the educational experience received in Orrville to prepare you for whatever lies ahead. Orrville Alumni, we are an impressive bunch! Our paths have taken many different directions, yet we are all doing amazing things in the world.

A handful of those “amazing things” will be showcased during reunion weekend. It is up to you to share your personal journey. It doesn’t matter if your journey since high school has taken you around the block or around the world.

Hold fast to friendships made here. Full of joy and memories sweet.
Come home to Orrville and share what your journey with those that have known you since the beginning.

To those OHS alumni that continue to reside in and around Orrville, your participation in Reunion Weekend is vitally important. Why? Because you are the reason many alumni return to Orrville. Reconnecting with people is what a reunion is all about.

Old Orrville High We Love You. We’ll Always Be True.

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