OHS Outstanding Alumni Announced

The Orrville High School Alumni Association’s Board of Trustees recently chose four graduates for recognition as Outstanding Alumni. Selected for this honor were the following:

Robert Hershey ’44
Dr. Donald Orr ‘62
Kathy Tschiegg ‘74
Lt. Colonel Michael Landers ‘77

Hershey worked with his father at Hershey Insurance Agency retiring in 1998 as president. He has been involved and served in leadership positions with the Jaycees, the YMCA, United Way, Orrville Campus Foundation, Children’s Services Board of Wayne County, Orrville Library Board, the Orrville Chamber of Commerce, OrrViews Board, Dunlap Community Hospital and Christ United Church of Christ. A World War II veteran, he was named Orrville’s Outstanding Young Man of the Year in 1957, was the Paul L. Powell Citizen of the Year in 1991, and along with his wife Jess received a United Way Lifetime Achievement Award in 1994. Hershey was honored as a Founders Society member by The University of Akron Wayne College for his work in bringing a branch campus to Orrville. Whenever something was needed in the Orrville community or a goal was to be met, Hershey was one of the first to be sought out for leadership, and he always came through. He and his wife are the parents of four daughters and one son.

Donald Orr, M.D., Professor Emeritus at Indiana University School of Medicine, graduated from The Ohio State University and Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine. Orr completed residency training in pediatrics at Cleveland’s Rainbow Babies and Childrens Hospital and specialty training in adolescent medicine at the University of Colorado and the University of Rochester Medical Center. A Navy veteran, he joined the faculty of Indiana University in 1983 and started the Section of Adolescent Medicine in the Department of Pediatrics, Riley Hospital for Children. Orr’s clinical and research interests focus on Type 1 diabetes and adolescent sexuality, and he has published 150 scientific and clinical articles. He has served as associate editor for the journals Diabetes Care and the Journal of Adolescent Medicine, and as editor for Adolescent Health Update. His work has been recognized with lifetime achievement awards from the American Academy of Pediatrics and the Society for Adolescent Medicine and with the creation of the Donald P. Orr Chair in Adolescent Medicine at Indiana University. Orr is semi-retired but continues providing care to adolescents. Orr and his wife, Caryl Thompson, have three sons.
Tschiegg is the founder and CEO of Central American Medical Outreach (CAMO). After receiving her nursing degree, Tschiegg spent two years with the Peace Corps in Honduras working at a public hospital. She returned to the U.S. and spent 15 years working for Aultman Hospital. Her goal to develop a system that would deliver sustainable quality healthcare to the poor of Central America was realized in 1993 with the founding of CAMO. The organization became a partner with the region and works hand in hand with local medical professionals to improve the lives of those most in need. Tschiegg’s work has earned her a 2009 Athena Award and she was named outstanding medical professional of the year by the Stark County Medical Associations – the first nurse to receive this honor. In addition, she has received two Paul Harris Awards from Rotary International and has been recognized by the Peace Corps for her dedication to development work. She spends half the year living and working in Honduras and the other half at CAMO’s headquarters in Orrville.

Landers received a B.S. in Biology from The University of Akron and an M.B.A. from Benedictine College. He has served in the U.S. Army for 25 years and is currently serving with the 1st Infantry Division, Fort Leavenworth, Kansas. His combat experience includes tours of duty in Afghanistan and Iraq. He is a graduate of training in counterinsurgency; command and general staff officers course; U.S. Army Jumpmaster course; and Pathfinder, Ranger and Airborne courses. Landers has held leadership positions including Director of Cultural Influence and Counterinsurgency, Team Chief, Commandant, and Commander. His teaching experience includes School of Command Preparation where he acts as a facilitator specializing in Battle Command at the tactical level, and Senior Platoon Trainer in Ranger instruction. Landers has received two Bronze Stars and numerous other medals and badges. He and his wife Lisa have two daughters.
These four alumni will be honored at the Alumni Luncheon to be held at The Pines on Friday, June 25th at noon. The luncheon will kick-off the 2010 Orrville High School Reunion Weekend. Reservations and payments ($15.00) to attend the luncheon must be received by June 1st. Reservations may be done online at

Fashion FADS Contest

You remember those yearbook pictures, right? You know… the section devoted to the fashion of the time. You probably have certain people and images permanently placed in memory. The poodle skirt of the 50’s, the 70’s bell bottoms, or the brightly patterned sweater in the 80’s. All were proudly displayed within the halls of Orrville High School back in the good ole days. Admit it… you were just as trendy as your closest friend. You fashioned the same “beehive”, “ducktail”, or “big hair” mistakes as everyone else because it was the fad.

Well fads change over the years. You pull out the yearbooks to reminisce. Then you have a good laugh at your fashion faux pas once the initial shock wears off. Because of fads, you are temporarily taken back to the emotions of that time. Those pictures forever encapsulate the pulse, environment, and style of your world in what probably felt like simpler times.

Wouldn’t it be fun to relive that moment for just a short time? Have the images jump right off of the page into modern day? Do you think you could emulate the fashion fad of your high school days good enough for a grand prize?

The Orrville High School Alumni Association is in need of volunteers to be contestants in The Fashion FADS Contest being held on Saturday, June 26th, 2010. It will be an interactive attraction at the Growing Up So Strong and True Street Party in downtown Orrville during the Old OHS Forever Reunion Weekend. The contest will start at 2:30pm. and will be MC’d by FM radio personality and OHS graduate, Keith Kennedy.

We’re looking for at least 2 contestants from each decade to model their day’s fashion fad. Your attire will be described by Keith Kennedy in a fashion show style as you walk on stage with a 3D mock-up of the “painted bridge” as your backdrop! If this doesn’t scream Old OHS Forever, we don’t know what will! You can live out your glory days while competing for prizes and the chance to be the one who best represents the Fashion FADS of their time.
Get creative! Volunteer with some friends! Compete in groups! Have some fun and make this the most talked about event of the reunion. Hit the vintage clothing stores, pull out the old letter jacket, bring some props, and entertain the judging audience to win. You can sign up to be a contestant by contacting Michele or Travis Wilson at or calling 330-642-0301.

I heard the 2010 Reunion is free to attend. Why do I need to register?

The registration fee that was charged for the 2000 and 2005 OHS Reunions has been eliminated. The reunion committee hopes that alumni who did not attend previous reunions because of the fee will attend in 2010.

It is very important for alumni, and friends, to register for the reunion. Your registration lets us know that you plan to attend so that we know how many people to prepare for.

Alumni who do not have an email address, or have not joined our email list, should have received a postcard at the end of January announcing registration.

To save money on printing and postage, communications about the 2010 OHS Alumni Reunion Weekend are being handled primarily by email, website and social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Anyone interested in receiving these electronic communications can join our mailing list at

The reunion registration process is very simple. Go to and click on Register to Attend. Follow the steps to enter your information. Online registration eliminates volunteer time to enter information into the registration database and also saves a considerable amount of money by not having to print and mail registration forms.

For those that prefer paper, a registration form is available to print from the website and mail in. The form is also available to pick up at Heartland Point, or from your class representative.

While there is no charge to attend the reunion and to be a spectator at all events, there is a participation or “pay to play” fee for some of the activities. For example, a $15 fee is charged to play in the alumni baseball game. The fee covers the cost of team shirts. There is no charge to watch the baseball game.

Reservations for all the “pay to play” events can be made on line at Enter Orrville High School in the search box to view the list of events.

The reunion happens only because OHS alumni generously volunteer their time to coordinate each of the scheduled events. There is still time to add events to the reunion schedule. If you would like to discuss an idea please contact the Reunion Committee at

The reunion planning committee meets the third Tuesday of each month at 6:30pm at the
high school. Anyone is welcome to attend these meetings. The next meeting will be March 16.

For more information about the Orrville High School Alumni Association and the 2010 Old OHS Forever Alumni Reunion Weekend visit or send an email to

OHS Alumna Brings Passion for Art to Reunion

Do you draw, paint, carve in wood, make jewelry, sew or quilt, or do ceramics? Have you traveled to some interesting country and have a few pictures to show off? Do you collect something interesting? A visual arts exhibit will be held as part of the Old OHS Forever Reunion Weekend, June 25-27. The exhibit will be chance for OHS alumni to share their passion for visual arts with classmates and friends.

Carol Frey Kovacs, OHS Class of 1953, will be coordinating the exhibit.

“I thought that we needed some other places to gather, meet, greet, and discuss things of interest. It (Art Exhibit) will be fun for anyone of any age. Everyone likes to share their passion for creating things of beauty. …or places they found to go visit,” shared Kovacs who did not have the benefit of an art program during her years at Orrville High School.

“I can only remember one art class in Jr High. I made and etched a copper bracelet. There was no art class after that,” commented Kovacs.

Kovacs interest in art began in childhood watching her commercial artist father, Harry Frey, OHS graduate of the 1930’s, draw pen and ink illustrations for a hardware catalog. Frey also drew one of the early designs for the Red Rider logo.

In high school during the early 1950’s, Kovacs became the one who was expected to make posters for events, stage settings and yearbooks.

“When the drama dept. performed the Mikado, I painted Mt. Fujiyama on set backdrops. At our graduation, I painted Niagara Falls on a canvas curtain that went clear across the stage,” remembered Kovacs. “The late Donna Fry Hartnett and I both talked of going to art school when we graduated and wrote about our interests in each other’s yearbook. “

Kovacs wanted to go to the Chicago Art Institute but money was an issue. She accepted a scholarship to Ohio University for two years to become an elementary school teacher. The core curriculum included extra hours of art and music.

Fourteen years, and 5 children later, she earned her Bachelor of Science in Education and a minor in Art from The University of Akron.

As a house wife, Kovacs joined a small art club in West Richfield, OH (north of Akron) and learned a lot from seminars and private instruction there.

“When some of my pieces were sold and I won a couple ribbons, I was encouraged to keep on painting,” remarked Kovacs.

For the next 40 years, Kovacs experimented with all media and crafts just having fun with it as a hobby. She moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico in 1988 where her father, Harry Frey, was a commercial artist.

“Dad and I started painting together and entered shows. He was much better than I will ever be,” commented Kovacs. “We had a friendly rivalry in those days. I have always been awestruck by his amazing talent. He never quit taking classes with other teachers throughout his life.”

In 2005, Kovacs moved to McKinney, TX to be close to one of her daughters and family. She found an art club there and decided retirement would be a great time to paint and work on other hobbies such as needlework, quilting, rug hooking, and embroidery. She is currently president of the Art Club of McKinney and learning how to do stained glass pieces.

Alumni interested in participating in the Visual Art Exhibit should contact Carol Frey Kovacs by email, or phone 214-592-4151.

For more information about the Orrville High School Alumni Association and the 2010 Old OHS Forever Alumni Reunion Weekend visit
Register to attend the Reunion. It’s Free!

It’s More Than A Reunion. It’s A PARTY!

“It’s more than a reunion, it’s a party and all of Orrville is invited,” stated Travis Wilson, OHS Class of 1990 and OHS Alumni Association treasurer.
Wilson and wife Michele (Gonter), a 1992 graduate of Orrville High School, are serving as the co-chairs for the Growing Up So Strong and True downtown Street Party, 11am – 5pm on Sat, June 26.
The Wilson’s moved back to Orrville in 2006 with their first child after a 15-year hiatus.
“We realized what we were missing in a community to raise a family” shared Michele. “(Orrville) people treated us like we had never left even when we hadn’t seen them in years. Orrville just has this higher sense of support than the other areas we’ve lived.”
Sports were the focus of Travis and Michele’s extra-curricular activities during high school. In college they got involved and took on leadership roles in various organizations including executive board roles in their respective fraternity and sorority at Kent State University.
Prior to moving back to Orrville, the Wilson’s became members of Patti’s Pals, raised funds, and participated in Orrville’s Relay for Life. The same year they attended the 2005 OHS Alumni Reunion and were impressed by another example of Orrville’s community spirit.
“We jumped at the chance to get involved with the 2010 OHS Alumni Reunion,” commented Travis. “since I work out of town, it’s an opportunity to be actively involved with the community.”
The downtown Street Party will be held on W Market Street between N Vine and Sterling. There will be a variety of food vendors on site including Jerry’s Café, Senor Panchos, Bob’s Sausage, Fire House Hogs BBQ, Robeks Smoothies and more.
Live musical entertainment provided by Special Request, featuring OHS ’74 alum Chris Conway, will kick off the party with a range of big band era classics to modern hits.
Downforce, featuring OHS ’91 alum Will Armentrout, will anchor the backend of the event. Downforce describes their music as “a busy intersection of sound from the last four decades.” Classic Rock, Early Metal, Pop, and Punk all converge to form the nucleus of the band’s sound.

Taking the stage between bands, will be the one-of-a-kind Fashion Fads Contest hosted by local radio personality and OHS ’92 alum, “Keith Kennedy.” Alumni from each decade are needed to participate in this nostalgic trip back in time. Pull together a smashing outfit reminiscent of your high school days and model for the chance to win great prizes. Team up with classmates for group entries. The show promises to be very entertaining!
For more information about the Fashion Fads Contest send an email to
There will be plenty of activities for everyone to enjoy throughout the afternoon. A corn hole tournament will be held on the lawn of Smith Orr Homestead, mascot Rowdy the Rough Rider will pump up your spirit and OHS cheerleaders will be offering face painting.
Pull your friends into the photo booth for a fun souvenir or add graffiti to a model of “The Bridge.”
The Orrville Railroad Heritage Society museum and the Orrville Historical Society museum, both located amidst the activities in City Lot A, will be open as well as the newly restored home of Orrville’s founder, Judge Smith Orr.
For more information about the Orrville High School Alumni Association and the 2010 Old OHS Forever Alumni Reunion Weekend visit